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Zepter group

The foundation of success

Zepter Group, the global life protector

Thanks to its continuous growth and its successfully conducted mission of health, quality and security, Zepter Group has also won the trust of its clients in financial services. Marshaly Insurance Broker is 100% affiliate to the Zepter Group, a globally successful company that produces high-end consumer goods including medical, household, cosmetic and jewellery products.

Zepter International stands for quality, sustainability and customer satisfaction. Extraordinary quality standards and a lifetime warranty are integral components of all Zepter products: buying a Zepter product means investing in lifetime lasting quality.

The famous name Zepter
is well known world-wide

Zepter is optimally positioned in many different markets and is always associated with high quality, stability, reliability and exclusivity. Working for Zepter means using the positive image for successful new business activities and strengthening the trust of the existing customers. For Marshaly Insurance Broker this means having the best background. In all the countries where Marshaly Insurance Broker is present, there is a numerousness of registered clients that get advice and support regionally.

Mr. Philip Zepter, the founder of the company Zepter International is a gifted mastermind. His philosophy of healthy living, perfection aimed at maintaining the health and safeguarding the personal prosperity of present and future generations are foundation of the Zepter Group, the key to continual added value for the company and the reason of the Marshaly Insurance Broker success. Mr. Philip Zepter, a visionary who has been successfully and firmly leading his company for over three decades, does not accept obstacles, only new, higher and more demanding goals. This is the key to the continuous prosperity and success of Zepter International.

Zepter Sponsorships

The story of Zepter International is a story of strength, greatness, passion and belief.

For many years Zepter International has been the main sponsor of hundreds of global sport events, such as F1 world championships (Monaco, Canada and Brazil), F1 Powerboat world championships, FIBA world and European basketball championships, Ice Hockey world championships (official sponsor of the Championship), Euro Handball.

We also support various other sports: from Zepter Herculis IAAF Golden League athletic meeting in Monte Carlo, to major tennis tournaments in Monte Carlo, Mallorca, Stuttgart, and Hanover, and always with the same ideal: striving for a longer, healthier and happier life.