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Exclusive Product portfolio

According to your individual desires, Marshaly Insurance Broker offers you tailored product solutions which adapt to your personal situation, goals and needs. We work with both private and corporate customers. In order to successfully cover all your requirements, we work with leading insurance companies and we can help you find the best insurance product solution.

Private Customers

Marshaly Insurance Broker as a brokerage company offers different insurance products that cover many risks. In our company you can find your insurance solution. Here you can find some of the products for private customers. For more information you can contact us.


  • Life Insurance
  • Today private saving has become very important. Through life insurance you can insure your financial future and the financial future of your family. On life insurance market you can find products with different coverages, that helps you improve your financial situation in old age. Classical life insurance covers mortality risk by linking the interest rate guarantee to the savings capital. The main categories of classical life insurance are endowment insurance and annuity insurance. On the other hand, unit-linked products separate mortality risk from the savings component and that generally offer no recoverability guarantee. Choose the life insurance that can help you obtain financial stability and protection.

  • Private Pension
  • Private pension is the third pillar of the Swiss retirement system called the "three-pillar concept". The third pillar consists of private pension schemes provided by the private sector. They are optional and financed entirely by the insured person. There are plenty of options to invest your savings. If you are interested in both saving money and being covered against risks such as death or incapacity for work due to illness or injury, then third-pillar insurance products might be the right choice. There are two types of Pillar 3 pensions: the tied pension (Pillar 3a) and the flexible pension (Pillar 3b). Investments into any of the pillar 3a products may be fully deducted from your taxable income up to the maximum annual contribution as set by law. Private retirement savings are important to maintain one's desired standard of living in retirement. Optimal pension solution helps you to grow and optimize your assets in a targeted manner. Private pension has become essential to everyone who wants to keep life’s standards when the retirement time comes.

  • Savings Insurance for Children
  • Today is the right time to start saving for the future of our children. It is up to you as a parent to make the right decision regarding the future financial situation of your child. Make it possible for your children to grow up without concerns and worries. With the savings, you can build up capital to help your child get off to a good start in their adult life. Referring to this issue we cover the following aspects: capital build-up for studying, first own apartment, car, etc. The insurance plan for children can also combine savings with different risks covered. Marshaly Insurance Broker is there for you to help you choose the best solution tailored to the child's and youth’s needs.

  • Health Insurance
  • Health insurance is divided into basic, which is part of the social insurance system and generaly compulsory, and supplementary, which forms part of the private insurance market and it is voluntary. Regarding supplementary health insurance, insurers can provide individual benefits that are not included in basic health insurance. Supplementary health insurance policies primarily cover costs for the private or semi-private hospitals. Even with just a small monthly payment, supplementary health insurance can be an excellent investment for dealing with life’s health challenges. Regardless of your mandatory basic health insurance coverage that you have, we can offer you a wide range of supplementary health insurance products which provide you and your family with optimal coverages and the best possible health care.

  • Travel Insurance
  • Travel Insurance offers you insurance coverage while traveling. Wherever you're going, with the protection of travel insurance, you are insured against all eventualities. Some of the risks covered by the policy are: the event of an accident, illness, severe pregnancy complications, unknown remain or death during the journey, etc. Insurers provide rapid assistance and assume the costs of transport, repatriation, search-and-rescue operations, etc. We are here for you to help you choose the optiaml travel insurance policy for you and your family.

  • Car Insurance
  • Basic car insurance (Third-party liability insurance) is mandatory in Switzerland. Basic insurance will cover only damage to other road users, animals or property, while more complete car insurance will cover damage to the car insured as well. That is the case with accidental damage and accident insurance which are voluntary. Accidental damage insurance covers damage to your car. You have a choice between full or partial accidental damage coverage. Partial accidental damage insurance includes: roadside assistance throughout Switzerland, theft, malicious damage, damage by natural forces, fire, snowslides, glass breakage, etc. Comprehensive insurance (collision coverage) includes: damage to your car due to a collision, parking damage... Accident insurance provides financial support if the driver or passengers are injured or killed. On the insurance market there are different types of packages for your car insurance and we can help you find the one which is optimal for you. Do you only require the basic services of third-party liability, or would you also like to take advantage of additional coverages? Choose your car insurance package so that you can have financial safety in the event of a damage.

  • Property Insurance
  • Household contents insurance protects your belongings such as furniture, electronic devices, clothing, etc. against fire, water damage, natural hazards and burglary. This risks are included in the basic insurance package. Additional cover can be included for risks such as simple theft, earthquakes or any damage from outside, etc. Beside your household contents you can also have construction and building insurance. Construction insurance protect your house construction and helps prevent unnecessary delays and financial damage to your construction project. Building insurance provide you with protection for your house and garden. If you are thinking of getting your property insured Marshaly Insurance Broker is there for you to help you find the insurance that is tailored to your needs.

  • Legal Protection Insurance
  • This insurance provides comprehensive protection against everyday legal and financial risks. Personal legal protection policies generally offer protection in connection with the following: collection of damages, labor law disputes, insurance claims, disputes in connection with property ownership and the occupants of neighboring property, etc. In exchange for the payment of a relatively low premium, the legal protection insurer assumes the risks associated with the expenses and services entailed in legal proceedings. Some of the benefits provided by this type of insurance are: fast and competent assistance from experienced legal experts and lawyers, assumption of the costs of lawyers' fees and the costs of expert opinions, mediation and court proceedings, reimbursement of litigation costs to the other party, etc. If you want to find more about different offers for legal protection insurance, Marshaly Insurance Broker is the right place for you.

    Corporate Customers

    Do not let your business venture turn into a source of constant worries. Share a part of the risk with the insurance company and secure coverage in case of unfortunate circumstances. Marshaly Insurance Broker has a vast experience in providing the best terms and conditions for many insurance packages for corporate customers. Here you can find some of the products for our corporate customers.


  • Property Insurance
  • Every damage on your company’s property can cause a significant financial losses. In order to prevent your business from grater damage it is very important to insure your property from different risks, depending on your sector and your requirements. A property insurance policy offers protection against material damage to your property resulting from: fire, natural hazards, water, glass breakage, damage resulting from burglary... Also you can add supplementary coverages such as: buildings liability insurance, technical insurance, earthquakes, business inventory insurance, electronic equipment insurance. Marshaly Insurance Broker company will help you find the best solution for your company’s property insurance.

  • Accident Insurance
  • Successful companies think of their employees as their most valuable asset. What has a value has to be secured. That is why companies have to insure their employees against accidents. This mandatory coverage applies not only at their workplace and on their way to and from work, but also during their leisure time. Insurance for accidents and loss of earnings offers companies and employees financial cover against the costs of absences resulting from accidents or illness. On the insurance market you can find different options available for your company and we can help you choose the one that is tailored to your needs.

  • Third-party Liability Insurance
  • In your business you take responsibility for your acts and decisions as a manager, director, etc. On the insurance market you can find liability insurance that can assume some of this responsibility. Some of the cases in which insurers will assume coverage for liability are: product defects, inadequate customer advice result in your customer incurring personal injury or property damage, false calculations, etc. The insurer covers justified claims and defends against excessive or unjustified ones. There is also professional liability insurance for advisory professions. The insurance may cover financial loss, personal injury and property damage.

  • Vehicle Insurance
  • If in your company your motor fleet is the important part of your business, in that case it is in your interest to get the best possible insurance for both, your vehicles and drivers. Depending on your business needs you can choose your motor fleet insurance with different types of cover. In addition to mandatory third-party liability insurance, motor fleet insurance offers: partial accidental damage cover for losses caused by theft, fire, natural events, glass breakages, vandalism, etc; comprehensive accidental damage cover including cover for collision damage to your own vehicle; a parked vehicle damage insurance policy can also be concluded on request, etc.

  • Transport Insurance
  • With this insurance you can protect your goods in transportation, from departure to arrival at the end-destination. Depending on your business needs we can offer you different packages of transport insurance. First of all we analyze your individual risks so that we can find the tailored transport insurance solution for your business. If you store or transport goods, we want you to receive protection that is specific to your business sector. Transport insurance gives you the security of knowing that your goods are well secured, by air, land or sea. Transport insurance is the optimum product for all companies that have a financial interest in transported goods. Make your business covered by securing your goods in transportation.


    Every Marshaly Insurance Broker client gets the solution tailored to his/her needs through the individual consulting-concept. This can only be accomplished through an independently acting as it is case in our company. Marshaly Insurance Broker as an insurance brokerage company cooperates with the most imortant insurance companies on Switzerland insurance market. We are proud of the fact that we can offer to our customers a wide range of life and non-life insurances on the best market conditions.