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Marshaly insurance is a brokerage company with headquarters in Switzerland. Our team consists of reliable, objective and qualified professionals with an insight into the entire insurance market. Constantly improving their knowledge and monitoring the insurance trends, our employees are in a position to offer the best insurance products and to find the best solution for every client. Our special advantage is our objective approach to our clients, as we analyse their needs for different insurance porducts and coverages.

Today continuous education is the most important indicator for remaining competitive and innovative. Our employees get comprehensive education from the very first day of their career covering all the knowledge about the insurance market, the product portfolio and all the other products in detail. It is important for us that our employees get the chance to develop professionally in the insurance field.


Marshaly Insurance Broker is searching for professionals in the area of insurance. Our purpose is to expand our activities, in order to maintain leadership in our sector.
Every Marshaly Insurance employee has the chance to find and integrate himself in the unique career system. In the future, companies will differentiate themselves through quality of training and education which are offered to the employees. We invests in our most valuable asset: our employees.

If you want to join our team in Switzerland, improve your knowledge and skills and gain experience in insurance brokerage, we invite you to send an application to our e-mail address and we will contact you.